Porsche Centre Brisbane - Sportscar Together Day

Nick and I headed over to Porsche Centre Brisbane to attend Porsche's 'Sportscar Together Day' with our fellow car enthusiasts.

What is a 'Sportscar Together Day' you might ask? Well, in 2018 Porsche celebrated their 70th anniversary of the first Porsche sports car being registered, the 356 Roadster on the 8th of June 1948. Since then, Porsche has started an annual tradition of celebrating the brand and its long line of iconic high-performance automobiles or 'Sports cars'.

Porsche has previously stated that... "Every Porsche regardless of the form, age, or quantity of doors, is a sports car. And a sports car is more than a typical car. Its spirit is built on shared experiences and memories: accelerating together, cornering together, and laughing together. Moments, so valuable and exciting that you want to share them with others. Moments that fascinate and last a lifetime."

I would 100% agree with that statement. Car enthusiasts have long understood that the car is just one piece of what makes owning them special. The magic is also in the friendships you build along the way and the moments you share with fellow enthusiasts, both on and off the road, because of them.

It is genuinely surreal the first time you’re driving along the highway, only to have a fellow enthusiast throw you a wave purely because they see the car you’re in and know you’ll appreciate it, because they get it. Those moments are priceless and to me, that’s what this event is all about, celebrating this community of people that share the same passion for motoring.

Porsche Centre Brisbane put on a great event. Almost every generation of Porsche was on display – packing out the undercover parking area, main showroom, workshop and surrounding streets. Regular readers will notice Russ Kempnich’s 956 proudly on display in the centre of showroom (as previously featured in one of our older blogs).

The event welcomed everyone, with coffee stands, hot food, live music and even a crafting area for kids (an area I personally spent a bit of time at while I was on baby-sitting duty for Nick’s son Eli :P).  

The Porsche Centre Brisbane staff were generously handing out balloons, posters and Porsche branded kid activity packs for all the parents at the event as well.

It was a wonderful event and I’m glad we were able to be a part of it given the state of the world at the moment.

Thank you to all the familiar faces that came over and said hello to us. Enjoy the photos and we’ll catch you next time.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Nick has put together a limited series of Porsche artwork in our store. Each of the 10 artworks are limited to 20 pieces and signed/numbered by Nick himself. In celebration of all things Porsche, it's only fitting that if you use the code "TOGETHER" you'll receive 10% off your order until the 11th of June 2021. Click here to view the shop.

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