PCQ - The Cars that Fell From the Sky

Welcome to our latest adventure! We recently joined Porsche Club Queensland for their “Cars that Fell From the Sky” club night featuring their very own past club president, Gavan Starr-Thomas and his stunning belly tank racer.

To really appreciate why this racer is so special, we’ll need to delve a little into its history. The story begins in Word War II – fighter planes of the period were not equipped with enough fuel to complete the missions they were required to fly. Enter the belly tank. These were disposable, supplemental fuel tanks that were retrofitted to the belly of the fighter in order to provide extra fuel during extended flights and be jettisoned once depleted. The tanks were designed to be very aerodynamic in order to maximise the distance gained from this extra fuel. Essentially taking the form of a giant bullet.

Following the completion of WWII, these tanks ended up in scrap yards everywhere for bargain prices. Hot rodders and car builders alike saw an opportunity to design an incredibly aerodynamic racer using the tank as a shell and the rest is history.

Nick has done an incredible job putting together a little video of the night and some photography as always.

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