McKernan Restoration - Open Haus 2021

One of the first events we attended as Art and Motors was McKernan Restoration's 2018 Open Haus event. Since then, they've been a long term client and great supporter of ours.

Brad and the team have gone from strength to strength over the past few years, moving to a much larger workshop, restoring countless classics and creating some absolutely incredible recreations. The most notable of which is their carbon-fibre, Porsche 910. The team also offer a Porsche 550 Spyder and Ferrari California - all of which were on display during this year's Open Haus. If you're interested in learning more about their recreations, please check out their website here.

Now on to the photos! We'll move from the entrance of McKernan's parking lot, through to the back room where Kip was running demonstrations on his famous power hammer.

The Carpark

In typical Porsche Club Queensland fashion, they made a morning of the event and filled the carpark and surrounding streets in a show of support for McKernan.

The Workshop

Moving into the workshop, we get our first glimpse of all the incredible recreations Brad and his team have been working on.

Now this is a car most people are familiar with, the Nacho 904. We covered this car at a local Porsche Club Queensland club night. You can check out a few more photos and a video of the car here.

McKernan have also been working on a number of custom Porsche products, including slide throttles and valve covers, that will be released to the market soon. Their slide throttles have been installed on a number of their client's restorations to great effect.

The Power Hammer

Next we move into the back room where Kip was putting on his signature power hammer demonstrations. Kip McIntyre is the shop's master metal worker. He received the 2016 James Love Churchill Fellowship to research and master the rare craft of traditional restoration in coach-building and panel beating, travelling to the USA, the UK, Italy and Germany. He's since applied his skills to McKernan's countless restorations and recreations. Kip also recently organised the 2021 Brisbane leg of the Distinguished Gentleman's Drive - which you can check out here, just in case you weren't aware of what an incredible human he is.

That brings a close to the event. It was a fantastic morning, and an event McKernan Restoration should definitely be very proud of.

Brad McKernan

Like we said at the beginning, Brad has been a massive supporter of ours, engaging us to complete their website, assist with digital marketing and take numerous photos of their incredible work over the past few years. He's a world class restoration mechanic and visionary. If you're considering a recreation, Mckernan Restoration is the place to get it done.

As a token of our appreciation for Brad and the support he's given us, Nick presented him with a signed copy of our Porsche 356 artwork to hang in his office.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another one of our blog posts.

If you're interested in our event photography services, please contact us here.

To learn more about McKernan Restoration, please be sure to check out their website and instagram.

If you'd like to learn more about the artwork we presented to Brad, please have a look at our shop here.

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