PCQ - Flaxton Gardens

PCQ - Flaxton Gardens

Last week, we decided to join the local Queensland Porsche Club for their Flaxton Gardens event. Our squad consisted of my gorgeous partner Tess, Nick the photographer and myself. I asked Tess if she’d like to recount her experience for the blog and she happily accepted. What you’re about to read is exactly that – enjoy!

Not a lot compares to the myriad of emotions experienced when riding in a 1981 Porsche 911 SC. The unapologetic roar of the engine cut through the quiet of Brisbane’s suburbs at seven in the morning. We were buzzing with excitement and avidity to begin our expedition! And so, after a brief catch-up and run through of the day ahead at the local service station, we, and the rest of the Brisbane members, were off.

Sunday morning, in all of its Summery, Spring-infused glory; saw a little fleet of Porsches, ranging from 911s to Caymans, came together to embark on a five-hour journey to Flaxton Gardens, Maleny. A beautiful day, a beautiful destination, and beautiful pieces of machinery to traverse the scenic, winding back roads of the Sunshine Coast. The heat of the sun was greatly overshadowed by the energy and warmth our Porsche-enthused group was radiating.

The rolling green hills, clear blue skies, towering trees and monstrous mountains served as a stunning backdrop for our little convoy of man-made masterpieces. Our first stop was at the Goodness Gracious Organic Caféin Yandina, a little town enveloped by the Sunshine Coast hinterland. We stretched our legs and refuelled with sweet treats, coffee and good conversation before commencing our venture.

The desire to slow down and take in the landscape’s natural beauty collided with the desire to race through the seas of greens, browns and blues along the meandering roads of the countryside. We soon came to our next stop, Kenilworth Dairies. From cheese to mousse, and yoghurt to ice-cream, everyone was able to come away with something delicious to eat and enjoy! We even had the opportunity to learn more about the inner-workings of the family-owned business.

After our dairy-based goodies were consumed, the roads were covered in Porsches once more as we headed towards our final destination, Flaxton Gardens. Flashes of blue, red, black, yellow, and white danced across the grassy, undulating fields of Maleny. After some twists and turns, we finally arrived and were gratefully greeted with cold water, a menu containing delectable lunch options and a shady spot to relax and take in our idyllic surroundings. A feeling of unity encompassed our little Porsche community as we enjoyed our afternoon of fun, food and friendship. We’d found ourselves in a picturesque location, but it was never about the destination, it was always about the journey.

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