Distinguished Gentleman's Drive 2021

We were asked to capture the Brisbane leg of the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Drive for 2021. For those that haven’t heard of the event, it is an on-road motoring event, uniting pre-80’s designed classic cars, encouraging drivers and passengers around the world to dress dapper and drive for men’s health. All funds raised are invested in vital research and programs for prostate cancer and men’s mental health by Movember.

We met some incredible people along the way and one of them happened to be internationally acclaimed, best-selling author, Meredith Gaston. Meredith graciously offered to write a recount of the drive for us. Her storytelling, accompanied by our photos truly captured the feeling of community, purpose and excitement throughout the day. Enjoy!

The Day

Upon a mild spring morning, a group of distinguished motoring enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the inaugural Brisbane Gentleman’s Drive. Meeting for a coffee and initial greetings at Walton’s Pantry, The Gap, an air of excitement mounted. Participating gentlefolk arrived in tremendously dapper ensembles including tweed waistcoats, fancy hats, rainbow socks and charming frocks.

Time stood still when 68 BIG, the black Mercedes 600 (a vehicle enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on royal engagement) rolled into the parking lot, seeming to exist in its very own galaxy.

Two Italians gathered round the bonnet of a Porsche 356 for shots of home-brewed espresso; Nonna’s tiny tea towel protecting the precious Duco. A group of very cool riders, one sporting a bona fide pencil thin moustache, jumped out of a joyous tangerine Kombi fitted with retro floral curtains in a harmoniously warm colour palette.

A very fine Fairlady met an electrically converted Cortina, Porsches of various ages united, perched side by side. A foxy Ferrari turned heads while a tenacious pug in a cravat commanded attention from the tray of a Chevvy ute, a goggled teddy bear winking back. One old Cobra reared up with delight when it met a slightly newer model, a blue Porsche 911 fit with racy racing stripes overtook a few forerunners royally on a perfect straight, and at some point, the intoxicating fumes of vintage brakes working overtime were enough to send all gentlefolk into another stratosphere!

Savouring an uplifting and invigorating day out in the hinterland of Brisbane was just part of the group’s delight. The other part was raising over seventeen thousand dollars for Movember, a global charity founded in meaningful and practical support of men’s health and wellbeing. Funds raised in support of Movember go towards generating resources and awareness for men’s cancers, mental health and suicide prevention. Generous donors joined the convoy in spirit, imbuing the cohort with an even greater sense of community spirit.

Fine conditions saw all drivers take to the bends and undulating hills in style, traversing signature Australian landscapes on approach to Ocean View Estates. Arriving in a picturesque setting amongst the vineyards, the lineup of old timers was a spectacular sight. A lolly box of vibrant colours, gorgeous noses and backsides graced a perfect grassy knoll while drinks, nibbles, photographs and conversations were savoured. A lady in a black and white polka-dot dress was found sprawled across a Porsche, later snapped, lips locked in a kiss with her distinguished driver.

Our Master of Ceremonies, Kip Mcintyre, delivered both welcoming and closing speeches, bringing a welcome touch of formality to a beautifully organised and orchestrated event. As the day drew to a close, talk was already of next year’s drive—an event to anticipate with great joy.  

Meredith Gaston

Thanks everyone!

May your next drive, be a dapper one.

Side Note

A massive thank you to Meredith Gaston for the article. Learn more about Meredith's work here.

If you’re interested in getting involved with this event, please click here.

We have a lot more photos from the day, so if you attended and don't see yourself here - please feel free to contact us.

Also, if you'd like any of these images printed/framed, please let me know and we can arrange that as well :).

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