About Us

About Us

Digital Media Agency

We provide an end to end digital media service for Australian automotive companies. From content creation to marketing strategies, we exist to help Australian automotive businesses grow.

Art and Motors is a marketing agency that provides automotive companies with all the tools necessary to grow their business. We aim to provide industry leading marketing services including; advertising campaign strategies, content creation, social media management and website development.

Art and Motors employs local experienced industry professionals, with a passional for the automotive industry, (including videographers and marketing consultants) to ensure that each customer achieves the best outcome possible. You can be sure you'll be dealing with likeminded people that understand your industry and share your passion, as every member of Art and Motors is an automotive enthusiast.

Art and Motors was founded in August 2018 by professional international photographer, Nick Burdon (who now functions as Art and Motors' Creative Director) and Adam O'Malley (Art and Motors' Managing Director).

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Complete Business Package

In order to ensure your business receives all the necessary components required for long term growth - we've created an all in one package that can be implemented into any automotive business.

The package includes tailored ongoing: marketing strategy planning and support, website development, search engine optimisation and blog creation, social media management and content creation.

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What have we done

A Lot

We've helped our clients take their business to the next level through advertising campaigns, restoration build logs, event videos, social media management and marketing plans just to name a few.